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kevin sweetland


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kevin sweetland and tannia lopez
kevin sweetland and tannia lopez

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Our Story

The year was 2018, Kevin and Tannia attended StageCoach Music Festival....They both became friends on Instagram, but it wasn't until 11 months later that they had their first date! Tannia lived in Huntington Beach and Kevin lived in Santa Clarita, but even the distance couldn't keep them apart. From nights out on the town in Huntington Beach to lazy days on Lake Castaic, their separate lives started to become one.

Kevin told Tannia he would move her out of state when he retires, she agreed with one condition..... That Kevin keep her in Orange County as long as possible. Kevin soon made the move to OC to fulfill her wish of staying in Orange County until they make the move out of state.

On February 10, 2023 trying to beat the Valentine weekend rush Kevin took Tannia to The Madonna Inn, in San Luis Obispo. Down on one knee and shaking with nerves he popped the big question and asked Tannia to spend the rest of their lives together, and she said yes!!!

The most important thing to Kevin and Tannia is family and friends. Celebrating with you on their special day as they start a new chapter of their lives together would mean the world to them!